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Sekarang ni banyak blog pro-pembangkang yang bantai Anwar kerana isu Bersih.

Semalam aku dah muatnaik kritikan dari Blog No 1 Pakatan, Amenoworld, terhadap Anwar. Hari ni aku pick up blog pro-pembangkang Bahasa Inggeris pulak, steadyaku47.

Sila baca…

You and I have read enough, seen enough and are up to our eyeballs about the goings on at the recent Bersih 3. We know what the demonstrators did and we know what the Police did. In these days of total coverage even on what happened when Neil Armstrong was on the moon it goes without saying that what happens on the streets of Kuala Lumpur will somehow find its way onto the public domain.

I am not going to write about this BN government stifling civil rights and letting loose a rampaging PDRM onto the defencless Rakyat because that is par for the course. Nor will I write about how anybody could think that having thousands of agitated and frustrated bersih activist in Dataran Merdeka is NOT  a recipe for riot and mayhem. Putting PDRM and the activist within close proximity of each other would tantamount to asking for exactly what happened at Bersih 3 to happen. Tapi nasi dah jadi bubur…and so let those who have nothing else to do go bicker and debate about what they thought happened at bersih 3. What I want to think about is who would have gained more politically if Bersih 3 became a spectacle that would attract a worldwide audience for the wrong reasons? Anwar or Najib?

The election will probably be in June, September or March next year. Anyway you look at it you know that it is damm near to Armageddon for BN or Pakatan Rakyat. So pray tell me why should you doubt that PDRM have been told by their political masters to be on their best behavior?

At the very least Najib would have told cousin Din at the Rumah Ministry to have a word with the IGP to instruct his officers and Mata Mata to NOT be proactive in their physical maneuvers. Stand your ground but do not initiate anything to provoke the crowd into doing anything untoward. Najib is fully aware that there are cameras everywhere and everything done by anybody n the streets of KL that day will be recorded for posterity. He will not want the world to think that the Police state is alive and well in KL even if it were true!           

What do you think is the opposition thinking? Nothing makes more good copy for the local and global media then to see the spectacle of a Police Force beating their own people. Who will be doing the beating? PDRM! And who does PDRM takes their orders from? That Din guy and Najib.

So pray tell me why would Najib want PDRM to beat his own people when it is so near to election time and with all the global eyes on BN. There are many things I have called Najib, but stupid is not one adjective I have used. So if any of you think that PDRM had orders from Najib to charge the demonstrators – PERISH THAT THOUGHT! There is no way in hell for Najib to put his chances of continuing as Prime Minister after the 13th GE to any danger by instructing the Police to go and hantam those demonstrators!

So why did the police revert to their animalistic behavior?

You can answer this yourself!

For me the Police were provoked –the same provocation that caused that IGP to beat DSAI senseless! The same provocation that Iran is now goading Israel to do – attack Iran to rid Israel of any danger from any guided missiles that could pose a danger to Israel’s sovereignty. And if by goading the Israeli to attack Iran  - and an attack did happen – what about the collateral damages to their own innocent people resulting from that Israeli attacks on Iran? No problems – just collateral damage!

And this is what happened at the Bersih 3 rally. There were elements within Bersih 3 who was more then willing to hijack what should have been a peaceful and quiet rally and make it their platform to accuse the BN government of brutality on its own people – and of course all this will be on the 7’o clock news not only around the world- but also in the public domain. Yes it is hard to get our minds into the evilness that others carry but such is life!

So what have we learned from Bersih 3? If you want to test the resolved of PDRM to stand their grounds when being provoked – you can be assured that despite what Najib DO NOT want them to do –they will do when push comes to shove!

In closing let me say this – like Iran and Israeli – those agent provocateurs whether paid or not, did disservice to many other Malaysian who had come out in numbers to show the BN government that the critical mass that will vote any faction in. MUST be listened to. Now after Bersih3 how many will turn out in any other demonstration because of the danger they will put themselves is – as was evident at Bersih 3.

If Najib is at fault it is that he did not instruct PDRM to not defend themselves even if provoked…but then if he did ask them to defend themselves Najib will still be accused of condoning brutality! Damm if he does, damm if he don’t. So if any of you are wondering what comes next after Bersih 3 we can expect anything but the numbers that turned up recently.

Bagi yang malas nak baca, aku bagi sinopsis:

PRU dah dekat, PM nak kekalkan imej baik Kerajaan. Jadi sudah tentu PDRM telah diberi arahan dari awal untuk elakkan sebarang tindakan keras dan jangan terjebak dengan provokasi pembangkang.

Baigi pembangkang pula, mereka memang mahu dunia melihat polis memukul perusuh, kerana ianya akan merosakkan imej Kerajaan. Jadi Anwar memang sedaya upaya mahu provoke polis untuk bertindak.

Ada orang yang mahu berhimpun secara aman, tetapi kerana sikap tidak bertanggungjawab pembangkang, perhimpunan aman bertukar ganas.

Selepas ini, mungkin orang akan serik untuk datang ke perhimpunan sebegini lagi.

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